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Oooere misses
I've got two titles - only just noticed the second one - happy with the tea boy as i can relate to that but also a Tech Team Member. Bow down before me you mere mortals.

Just so you understand why I deserve this title I give you my first tech tip. Slik - cut the pony mate, I bet you get another 2/10ths out of your cars once you loose the extra weight (you'll be able to turn you're head quicker). This theory is based on fact - I've noticed that racers with very short hair (teenagers who can't be bothered spending more than £3 at the hairdressers) or bald (the maturer racer) are generally faster. Cut it Slik, I know you want to.

love Tuck (happy in my own little world!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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