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check the front axle. if it has too much up and down free play try to reduce that movement untill it moves just a tiny bit. check if its moving left and right too and fix that too. you can use spacers to fix the left and right movement and some bits of plastic for the up and down movement.

The tires or the weels can be out of round and cause your car to hop when you accelerate or even if you´re just braking. If thats the case you can try to sand those untill they´re round, but in cases where the weells are too blame i just go out and buy a new set by (its a fool-proof method

Check the guide too. perhaps it has too much free play or it is positioned in a way that it causes you to deslot. Use a piece of track and put the car at the end of the piece and check if everything´s allright with the guide.

lots of other things can cause you to deslot, but these are the main things to check.
Good luck

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