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· Anthony Bartlett
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Great BM site........ but they are Beeee MMMMM's

Love the Esther Mahlangu car - very reminisent of the outlying villages here in South Africa that used to be painted in this style......

Such a pity it is a Beee EM

Audi forever
(and ducks for cover !!!)

· Gregory Petrolati
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Being a Graphic designer and photographer I was thrilled to see that these cars would be produced. Then I got a look at the price... Man that stopped me cold!

Now I hear that the finish quality leaves a bit to be desired. Good. Now I won't feel so bad because they are beyond my budget.

For what they are asking us to spend, these cars should be perfect. For a mass produced (even though these are "special editions" they are mass produced) item.

They should spend the time to make these special editions "special" rather than just a funky poorly executed "limited edition" paint job.


· Registered
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Hi all,
Whatever the pros and cons of the Fly models with their high prices and imperfect execution, the original cars look fantastic.
Thanks for the link to the BMW site.
Airbrushing isn't too complicated btw, it's just the masking that's a pain in the butt. Oh yeah - and the cleaning afterwards.
I'm inspired!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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