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I guess this question is aimed at Aaron from Gaugemaster but others may well have valid points.

Why can't manufacturers sell just their car bodies, both liveried and plain white?.

It seems a very simple question, but I'm not aware of any manufacturer that does it.

It would solve a lot of peoples problems. The bodies produced today are superb but time and time again we hear about problems with particular cars regarding wheels fixings, poor chassis etc. allowing the sale of just bodies would allow those who wished to use their own choice of components.

For the racing fraternity it would be a boon as they could use one body for racing and retain one for display.

After all you can get full bodyshells in the 1:1 and the RC car world so why not in 1/32nd?.

Manufacturers are knocking out these bodies by the thousands so why not a few for the after sales market?

I throw it open.


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