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Does anyone know where you can get Bodyshell post strengtheners from?

My Ninco Supra's front post has a crack in it from where the screw has gone in.
(taking the car apart too often no doubt).

I think they just push over the existing post and hold it together.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,


· David Collins
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I've never seen a ready-made solution to this. But I think the general approach is to buy some plastic tubing (such as Evergreen, available from hobby shops, google search or on eBay) of the right diameter to fit over the posts. Choose one with a snug fit, cut to size and then fit with epoxy or superglue. Job done.


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Easy fix really a dab of superglue at the bottom of the post, put the end of a lenght of cotton into the glue and allow to dry then whip thread up the post, then coat with superglue

This fix has been passed in competitions where you have a maximum weigth allowed for the body where maybe a metal tube may put a painted body over.
I have also seen shrink tube used this you can get from Maplins just be careful with the hot soldering iron as you shrink the tube

· Ray
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Hi all agree with the above post re the plastic and aluminum tube but have also used solid plastic rod then drilled small screw hole when the post has been totally trashed.



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I have used the black plastic irrigation tubing that is sold for the drip and small sprinkler irrigation systems. I have to widen it a bit with a drill bit and sometimes dropping it in boiling water to soften it. Cut of a ring the length of the post and push it over it is a tight fit and provides good support also works on split wheel posts

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