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Todays event at Bolton was a very good days racing Although the cars were not truly "box standard " in the true sense of the word they all used the components the cars came with from Carrera,.The only mods allowed were glue and true and the body posts removing to facilitate a loose body mount .
The event was run on the enduro style so every one got an equal amount of track time of 15 mins per lane .Early races saw a pattern emerge that Mick Lords Audi was going to be the car to beat with him scorching off to an early lead .James Johnson was also hot on the pace after a crown wheel failure in practice caused him some concern .Boltons Derek (Im 74 you know ) Howell was flying too turning in consistanly fast times .
Wrexhams Rob Skupski had a few body mounting problems losing a screw at one point and later loosing his body altogether (getting to be a habit)
Luke Brand wood was the only junior entry of the day and despite a lot of problems Luke kept the car going to the finish

Jim Brown , despite turning up to late for practice made steady progress all day getting faster and faster eventualy stting FTD with a time of 111.49 on white .
Over all positions were :-
1st Mick Lord 537.12
2nd Jim Brown 527.45
3rd Derek Howell 523.33
4th James Johnson 522.40
5th Rob Skupski 519.78
6th Mark Brandwood 497.07
7th Graham Windle 496.34
8th Graham Walker 493.75
9th Luke Brandwood 481.41 (junior award )
10th Rob Davies 478.91
11th Mark Robinson 432.67

Many thanks to John Lomas for his work on race control all day
And Thanks to all the competitors who turned up to race .

Pics to follow see you all again next week at Wrexham for the Ferrari race

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Good day chaps!!
so, you like the hat? see if you can spot me in this photo>

taken at last meeting of 2003 season at Oulton Park
less chance of me getting knocked down!


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I'm sorry that I couldn't be there, I've got soo much revision to do in soo little time... I've got the next two weekends away, what with Ferrari day and the Porsche challenge. So I'll see you all then.

Can we see some pics of the cars if you've got any? I'd like to see the interesting paint jobs that people came up with.



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I wouldn't say the paint jobs were interesting, although GRAH1 used some of his 40 gallon drum of pink paint to good effect!

My car was called Spot, the Bentley, thanks to it having numerous blue spots stuck on it, thus causing some confusion when the time came for the car to be marshalled back on track (every bend I think!!)

I have seen how an out of the box car performs on a smooth wooden track and it was not pretty (Yea, verily!!). Today's event demonstrated that preparation, at least on a fundamental, base level is required to allow a slot car to be driven around the (non-magnetic) track with some degree of consistency at the speeds which a standard motor is capable of.

NOTE:- That last sentence is a FACT which is upheld by the majority of SF members. We had 11 drivers @ Bolton today which obviously represents the great majority


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Sounds like a good time was had by all.

Sorry I couldn`t make it but had to do my domestic duty going away for the weekend, first free weekend since Christmas not spent slotting (honestly!). So as I quite like this new wife I thought I`d best spend some quality time with her before she works out she is living a single persons life!

Thanks to GB and Rob for getting me back in the land of the living computer as mine went daft over a week ago!

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poor excuse Jonny, shame on you.

Pink paint...

I think Alfa had the best idea, although I could see and know what I was chasing.
I think all the cars or hopefully should be avaliable for viewing next sunday at Wrexham, although mines been stripped I have created my bentley until I can get some new tyres for my audi... atleast they were punctured... Graham!

next weekend sunday is Ferrari day at Wrexham, then is the Porsche Challenge at Preston. I heard numbers were limited but to how many I'm not sure but make sure you dont bring too many!

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