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Boy Racers Dream Car??

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When i passed my driving test around 20 years ago, the boy racers car at the time was the old MK11 Escort, it was cheap and readily available in various specifications and lent itself to being modified with relative ease. My first Escort was a 2 door 1.1 Pop which i bought for 30quid! I was in the motor trade so several months and two or three donor cars later it was transformed. We shoe horned a 2litre Pinto engine out of a Cortina, uprated the suspension, brakes, fit alloys and interior etc from the 'donors'. It was the typical wolf in sheeps clothing, i kept the car for about 5 years and then sold it to a work colleague who blew the engine in the first week! Since then i've had a whole host of performance Fords including RS2000, XR2, XR3i, XR4x4, Sierra Cosworth but the one car i would have back would be the old Escort.
What was the boy racer car when you started driving and which car you have owned would you buy back?
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My time was spent making my Ford Cortina 1600E as sweet as possible.
At the time chrome Rostyles,lowered suspension, vinyl roof and mirrored windows were the thing.
We used to replace the gearbox with one from a Ford Corsair 2000, replace the carbs but I forget with what and have the head skimmed (how low can you go).

There were 4 of us who stuck together for a few years like glue, weekends were spent buying duff Cortinas and stripping the best bits for ours, then either dumping them or reselling them. Problem with 4 guys all helping each other was that every so often everyone thought someone had done a particular job and it ended up not being doen, this resulted in the occasional lost wheel on a roundabout and i nthe worst instance a trip from London to Southend left us with a lost bonnet and two untightened Mcpherson struts popping up to say hello at 80 MPH. FUN!...not.

Pinnacle came with a 3.0l converted Cortina (Capri engine) that lasted just over two weeks before cuddling a tree - heavy right foot etc etc.. It was in perfect mechanical order and the conversion had been done by a professional. Outside it was also in good shape but left primed in grey. Looked like a dog and was perfect for traffic light racing.

Best of the cars I had back then were an original MK1 Ford Consul Cortina with bench seats and column gear change. Bench seats meant you AND a mate could go out with your girls and run out of petrol without arguing who got the back seat
(Bench seats were (are?) not common in the UK, not like in the States anyway.)

Best of the bunch HAD to be a Humber Sceptre 1750. I bought it for 80 Squid and it had only 9,000 miles on the clock (this was in 1980) from new. Lasted along time until stolen and shunted big time.

First ever car was a Triumph Dolomite Sprint in bogey green - hated it within days

But which would I buy back? The Humber BUT NO I don't want a slot version

Do a MKII Lotus Cortina, lowered and race ready, then we might be talking. I have a kit of the MKI Lotus Cortina under the track to do.
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LS - I have seen you post pics of the Belair before.. I am seriously in love with that car and I normally hate American autos!

QUOTE Yeah, really great fun until you need to apply the brakes......

Aaron? shut up already with the all too sensible sarcasm, who wants sensible until its time to get responsibility anyway? Your making yourself sound middle aged
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