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I was looking at getting a couple O2 parts, but I'd like to be able to run the car along side SSD cars. I checked the FAQ again and the first O2 chip (type a) still appears to need the bridge rectifier board. Unfortunately, I don't see that as being available anywhere. It's not even listed on the web site as a product. Is this product still planned, or will I need to make my own? If it's still planned, will it be out before the type b chip? If not, then I would probably just wait for the type b chip, since it will fit in the car(s) I'm wanting to chip anyway. Given the lack of news on the rectifier board, I have a feeling the type b chip will be out sooner.

Also, is there any progress on the CRI? I'd love to use my SCP1 wirelessly at analog club meets.


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We do have bridge rectifiers but we've not started selling it yet. Probably about time.

Work on CRI is resuming, we had to concentrate on several other electronic developments (not only oXigen) so it was on the backburner.
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