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Good afternoon boys and girls

Partly as I've enjoyed the favourite slot Ferrari, Porche and Lotus threads which have appeared here in the past, and partly because I'm still mourning the demise of my old 1:1 three series towards the end of last year, I thought I'd start a thread with a Bavarian Motor Works theme.

Let's see some pics of your favourite BMW slot cars.

Here are a few of mine to start this off:


· Alfie Noakes
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Nice idea Jango, I can see this being a popular thread!
I'll get in early with this one, bought on ebay a few years ago when I was getting into the hobby:


· Gregory Petrolati
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I have this relivery... it went out for a proxy series and came back in pieces but it's still my fave...

While this isn't a Bimmer on the outside it is sitting on a Revellogram BMW chassis... and is much better for it.

It's a Lambo-immer.


· Martin De Ath
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Hi there all..

Not many BMWs in my slot car collection, but here they are.

All the best.. Martin De'Ath.

Fly... M3 GTR. Petit Le-Mans ALMS 2001.

Carrera... BMW V12 LMR.BMW Motorsport ALMS 2000.

Early Scalextric.. BMW 3.0 ltr CSL.

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QUOTE (nino barlini @ 27 May 2011, 20:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi guys!
Here is some photos of one of my favorites. Again, a "Brazilian" version

I know, it is weird, but fast!!
The real car won the 1500Km of Interlagos in 1970 with Jan Balder and Ciro Cayres.

Hope you like it!


Ricardo Bifulco

Nice model. Nice pics.

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