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Perhaps we should seek the official line from Scalextric (and others?) on their policy towards Tobacco liveries...

For a company seen as a 'toy' manufacturer by the general public (ie those not into slot cars) it would probably be commercial suicide to openly produce cars with tobacco sponsorship on them. (Can you imagine the bad publicity when, not if, it appears on the front page of the 'Sun' or 'Mirror' newspapers...)

This comes at a time when full size sport is being forced into reducing and eventually ending the invovlement of tobacco companies...

Personally I think it is a brave decision by Scalextric... but hey lets not forget they have produced cars such as the Mclaren F1 car in Sport and Std versions and aren't they sponsored by West.... a cigarette manufacturer...! Remember, many race cars are no longer allowed to show the (tobacco) sponsors name in certain countries anyway (Britain, France, amongst others) and unlike the likes of Fly and the 1/43rd manufacturers models, Scalextric models are not branded as being event specific...
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