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In Canada, the tobacco industry and the government are bizarre bedfellows. On one hand, the government says "tobacco products are legal and you may make and sell them". On the other hand, they say "but you can't tell anyone you are doing so". What?

The simple reality is that the Canadian government LOVES the tax dollars rolling in from cigarette sales and does not want to see that end. They ban the advertising but implicitly support the product. Canadian sports have suffered greatly by the sponsorship ban against DuMaurier (tennis) and Players and Export A (auto racing). The government spent a fortune on legislation, legal issues, related compensation, unemployment, etc., yet continued to suck the tax dollars from the industry. If you are going to decry something as harmful, and do serious damage to something like our sports infrastructure and those involved with it, then you need to go all the way, not stop when further action will diminish your own revenues.

I remember reading about the dollars involved. Even some health care officials have pointed out that had the government spent the same amount on education, they would have gotten far better results!

I'm a smoker. That's not a good thing. (No argument Wayneslot, there may be some braincells missing) But I didn't start smoking because of advertising and I don't know anyone who did. Peer pressure and ignorance are the primary reasons. I DO know that my government spends virtually none of its tobacco tax dollars on educating our youth to the dangers.

Removing decals from toy cars is not addressing the problem. Not when you authenticate the industry by continuing to sanction its legality and hold your hand out to grab the tax dollars.

Ooops.... sorry... soapbox rant....
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