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Picture above courtesy of:
IMCA This really IS an awesome historical resource site!!!

Daytona Beach- 1967 and Ferrari win the day to take a historic 1st 2nd & 3rd, screaming into a new piece of racing history.....

37 years later and a resurgence in one of the top Hobbies at the time of this victory, sees the emergence of a Company called 'Racer'.
One of the many cottage Industry manufacturers appearing who offer limited run, hand made replicas for our amusement.

An historical photograph comes to life...

'Racer' however manage to get up there in the top quality range, not cheap by any means but exquisite, hand made resin marvels none the less.

There follows a pictorial reference showing why they are up there with the best.
No hard battled time trials - who is going to scream one of these around at the edge of their abilities just to get the track record?.
No comparisons - what is there to compare them with?

They are, by a few accounts, not perfect replicas scale wise but man! to me they are beautiful!

Make your own mind up - and YES these do run round both Mugello and Suzuka and more to the point they run very well both with and without magnets - I just haven't raced them in anger.

First - 330 P4 Berlinetta. Second - 330 P4. Third - 412 P...

Clean and well cast resin chassis, housing Slot.It motor mount and running gear.

Crisp moulding and perfect fitting lenses. Although the screen on the 412 P is slightly distorted.

Great attention to detail at the rear - decal, exhaust and lighting wise. On the 330 P4 an excess of paint slightly mars the vent detail.

Superb photo etching and excellent paint finish are apparent all round each car.

Decals are fitted with an incredible amount of skill.

Racer specific rims, tyres and inserts work well. But you can see why I need some of that Micro Satin - scroll down to find it

The crowning glory of at least the Berlinetta - The detailing in these interiors (same in all cars!) blows me away. That steering wheel is of three parts AND has photo etching and decals applied. (excuse the straw filament across the vent to the right of the wheel - I really MUST stop keeping this set with my kids rabbits).

There is no doubt these cars are expensive at the retail end, but as the Kings of a modern day collection, they play the part well.

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