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British GP: Shame on Michael!

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Another great drive, but shame on Michael! Did he really have to make it look so obvious that he was just out to play? I felt rather embarrassed on the part of Kimi et al.

Eighty Grand Prix victories, 6 times World Champion. Can anybody else even get close to him? Obviously not.

At least it was fun (funny) to watch.

Kind regards

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What are the 'interesting' classes of racing that you guys are watching, and what makes them exciting?
If you get the chance to see the World Superbikes from Laguna Seca yesterday, (I'm sure it will be repeated on Eurosport this week) there was some of the most exciting dicing ever in Race 1. I haven't watched Race 2

Bike in general racing often gets criticised for too much overtaking

Such a pity Scaley couldn't capture this with their pathetic bikes.

I also love historic car racing for the nostalgia and beauty of the machinery.

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