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British GP: Shame on Michael!

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Another great drive, but shame on Michael! Did he really have to make it look so obvious that he was just out to play? I felt rather embarrassed on the part of Kimi et al.

Eighty Grand Prix victories, 6 times World Champion. Can anybody else even get close to him? Obviously not.

At least it was fun (funny) to watch.

Kind regards

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Well i have been quite lucky to goto two f1 races this year,

i went to monaco gp and sat on the exit of the swimming pool (right where sato blew up
) and yesterday i went to silverstone.

I could not believe the amount of people, i arrived at the circuit at 7.15 (fairly early, the last 5 years i have arrived at fairly the same time) and the place was rammed, i ended up sitting on a grass verge on the exit of vale, appauling view, but thank god there was a screen there.

The race seemed good, i didnt have the fantastic coverage of itv
but i had the awesome sound of the bmw engine

it was a good race, i felt kimi had a good chance when safety car came out, but thank god he did, coz schumi didnt have to stop again ? im not sure some1 have to confirm that for me.

I was just so happy to see the popularity of F1 on the up!

btw, i wouldnt really reccomend silverstone for new people if they wanna see an f1 race sit at the bus stop at spa!
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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