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Very cool live reporting! Well up.

Your fans are begging: MORE - MORE - MORE!!!!!!

I liked the Scaley Corvette Convertable - not for me but cool.

Ninco's TT relivery works for me - my Red Bull and Hasseroder versions are two dark horse favs in my collection - sounds like the death watch over Ninco was premature.

Moto GP - yawn, not my cup of tea, never will be

Digital (ALL) - yawn - reminds of toy like enthusiasm thrust upon Tyco's TCR and Aurora's Ultra 5 several moons ago - suprised I haven't hear the term Jam Car yet (again!) . Irony is these slotless lane changing HO systems of the past were the beginning of the end of the last great slot wave...

To me its the whole controller, controller base, scoring tower LED that looks hokey from my perspective. That and I don't need new technology thanks, i like the way it works already!

Cant wait for the rest of the reports and then in a couple weeks Germany.

Here's a semi live shot taken 5 minutes ago out my studio window in Toronto...

Slot news is a nice diversion from winters wrath.

Ken R
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