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first thanks to Paul for all the driving and John and Phoenix lads for the company - appreciated and really enjoyed it. Hope the magical mystery tour round Northampton was worth it! Met Cambridge Blue and Mossman - again good to put faces to names.

Scalextric have it sewn up even if they are going to be behind SCX and Carrera getting their digital product to market. V impressed with sportsworld and even with the in depth review by Adrain (thanks also for the time you gave us) and the developers it felt we only scratched the surface. What impact it will have - who knows but if it is marketed right it will be big.

We gave the SCX system a good trashing and it was good fun although it requires a very different driving style. Basically if you want to win stay out of trouble. Niggles were had, mainly with having to keep button depressed not just clicked to changeover (and hence missed changeovers) but I'm sure you'd get used to it. I found power surges (well thats my excuse why I kept coming off!). The SCX Spanish guy said that it will be released in June in the UK in a version 2 which he said will iron out some niggles. Only the Spanish will have easy access to version 1. Carerra - not the best display and not impressed with their digital product (lasting memory was the infernal very loud clicking at the cross-over) esp when compared to SCX let alone Scalextric.

I'm saving my write up for GS so other snippets I picked up on will have to wait a bit. Glad I went.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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