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You will have to wait until I am next at Wrexham to find out Inte. It was a bit of a surprise but a nice one! Its going to remain a shelf queen for obvious reasons. And a Phoenix visit could well be on the agenda although I had to pass on going to the local club this week because of kitchen alterations and a gasfitter turning up on Saturday. Slightly annoying that so sorry I didn't make it Owen.

The next 12 months could be the most interesting 12 months in slot car folk lore as there does seem an aweful lot going on. Its beginning to make me wonder what could be on the agenda for 2005?

I am at the point where I am finding it very hard to work out what slot car companies could technically be getting up to next?

Have we reached a pinacle for technology or is there still more to come?

Carrera have introduced a "U-Steer" type of thing with their digital set up as cars can move from left to right because the magnet moves from left to right under the car. So is "U-Steer" about to return, complete with proper sterring wheel and foot pedals rather than hand controllers? And a miniture camera on the car?

Although to be honest I see SPORT World as having several years of development with further enhancements after its initial first year of release in 2005.

So 2006 could be the next really interesting year as all this digital thing needs 2 years to consolidate.


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QUOTE Carrera have introduced a "U-Steer" type of thing with their digital set

I know this was part of a joke, but maybe its best to clarify this moving magnet thing.

Carrera digital works in a similar manner to scx and scalextric, with a digitally activated LC track piece, not the car steering.

The guide is very long, apparently to facilitate car identification for lap times, maybe more to this...

attached to the trailing edge of the guide is a mechanism that moves a magnet, meaning that the mid positioned magnet is always above the rails, and moves closer to the rails as the car turns. It is very clever, and on the show cars seemed to operate very smoothly, but it is a passive system relying on guide angle, and the front wheels do NOT turn as on scx F1 cars. How this system is more practical than a U shaped bar magnet like make, i am not sure.

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