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Hi, me again - On again to pick the brains of those in the know. (don't know what I'd do without this forum)

One of the engine mounts on a vintage scalextric car I have is partially broken, is there a best way to repair it or is it beyond repair?
I have the piece that has snapped off.

Thanks in advance,


Prof I T
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depends on how fussy you are with your vintage/classic stuff,if it were mine i would superglue the broken piece in place and if the motor was still a bit loose superglue that in as well and run it..

If it's just for show then carefull use of the glue will hold the piece in place ok.

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If the engine mount is an integral part of the body, I would try Araldite and then strengthen the joint with some Plastic Welding. But to be honest, I wouldn't take the car to a club race after that. I glued together the motor/axle mount of an Airfix Cooper once, and it disintegrated in the heat of a race with loads of people watching. On the other hand, only Loctite had been used there.
The broken car can be seen near the bottom of this page.
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