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Broken Mega-G front wings

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I've had one of them break off and the 'down-plates' on my Penske body are slightly cracked. And I know I'm not the only person to have problems.

If superglue isn't working for you, I reckon there are other options.

I did this to my old Aussie Vineyards body last night:

It's a small piece of black polycarbonate packaging, cut to size and then glued to the underside of the nose. I filed a flat notch to hold the wing flat.

I used Shoo Goo which John F put me on to. Apparently it's the best thing to bond lexan. I've found it extremely strong, yet quite flexible, for gluing various bits on HO bodies.

For this, I filled up the front of the nose with Goo and squished the plastic sheet down on it. It has set very strongly in less than 24 hours. I did the side plates with the same stuff. They are a bit messy, but will clean up.

So - if you still have the original wing, maybe try some Shoo Goo (available from all good skateboarding shops) on that.

Or try the new wing. It is not legal at EAHORC, but you can run it at WHO and maybe (Tony??) in Super-F1 at SCHORC.

Or you could donate your old [email protected] body to us at WHO to fix up and pass on to some of our racers who have LMP Mega-Gs and are after a low cost F1 option. A low-denomination trade might even be possible
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Good article as always Woodcote. I have a full tilt mega G champ car body with a broken front wing. I smashed it off at the second corner at MBR! I still have the wing. If anyone at WHO is interested let me know. I am on the look out for a Tomy turbo sports car body if anyone has any spare, not fussed if it's tatty, as it will get painted.



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