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Broken Scaley aston.

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Hi everyone, fairly new to slot car.
I have a digitalised scaley aston DBR9 ( the gulf club car ) which isnt working properly.
When it is on the track the lights are on and it moves in short steps with pushes but contact is very intermittent, (the lights are flashing on and off).
I oiled it using 3 in1 spray on oil and it went everywhere, could this be causing it?
I also have a ferrari F430 with the same problem.
My other two cars (another aston and an audi TT) work fine.

Hope someone can help

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Hi Sam,
welcome to the forum.
glad to hear the aston is working.
you say the Ferrari F430 has always been a little troublesome, Does this car have a DPR chip?
if it does this could be the problem especially if it is one of the old 1st type chips. If I remember
correctly the F430 was very troublesome.
I am a little out off practice on this subject so I am sure one of the more experienced users
will be able to explain the difference and give you the correct advice.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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