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Gday guys,

Heres my scaley sport track and AFX oval, dubbed Brookton Valley Raceway
I got the scaley track (Thundering V8's) a few weeks ago and just had it setup on the carpet inside, but after the amount of lint getting into the cars I decided to steal the ping pong table!
After a relocation into the back shed (including a indepth clean out) and she was ready to roll again. Today I managed to get a border up to stop the cars flying off the table, but still allow the table to be folded up if need be.

So I have 2 V8 Supercars, Ford Mk 2 escort, Ford Lotus Cortina, Ford F1 benetton which I bought off ebay for nix and I have another older F1 with silverstone livery on its way.

I like the design of the track, although I would like a longer straight. Next month I will be getting a lap timer, hairpin (maybe 2) and some squeeze tracks. once I have these extra bits of track I will start looking at making it look more like a raceway

im going to have a go at making my own track borders too as the scaley ones are a right money spinner!
So i;m hoping these pics work as ive been having some dramas with them
cheers for looking guys


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OK guys a bit of an update.

I cleared out my shed and reinstated the TT and added two more fold out tables from bunnings for 48 bucks each. These tables are suprisingly sturdy and eventually I will have 6 tables lined up to create a 4.5M X 1.8M layout.
Thats a fair bit of coin on tables but as I have 3 kids they will get used from time to time for birthdays and BBq's etc. well thats what im tellin the wife anyways.
So my plan is to eventually have the tables covered in fake plastic lawn, which conviently comes in rolls 1.8M wide. then lay the track ontop.

I have ordered the new digital platinum set and hopefully pick that up in a few days time, ETA in the LHS is 14Oct. to say I am excited is an understatement!

Also I had ago at making some trees, I just used some old fencing wire I stole off the back of the chookshed (the dog now loves me) and make some tree shapes, one I just painted over the wires and another I taped up the trunks and painted that. I just quickly threw on some flock onto the tops and they are ok - need a bit more attention paid to them though. All up, they took 30mins to make and cost me $6.50 for the flock. I also thought next time ill use some pillow guts to make the leaves and some bushes. Or even scotch bright pads for washing the pots, that stuff is already green too.I did manage to buy 16 trees for 11 bucks off the bay. always good for a corner filler i suppose.

Now onto the track, in the pics the layout you see is going to change when I pick up the Digi platinum set. I wont be using any squeeze tracks or R1's. The new set will let me extend the track to my liking. I will need to pick up some more R3/R4's though.

I have a few ideas for my track that I would like some opinions on. The two main sets of cars for racing on this track are going to be V8 supercars and Nascars.

So the Nascars applied for their own oval but the Brookton Valley Raceway comittee has discarded this proposal and insisted they share with the V8's
So I want to incorperate a outer oval and infield technical section. Swapping between the two layouts has to be quick and easy with only a few track pieces to be swapped over, preferrably only at the front of the tables as the back rests hard up against the shed because of lack of space.

Also on the infield I would like a single lane chicane, would this be best done using pit lane track pieces?

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