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Brushless Slot cars

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Hi All,

I have been looking into other hobbies recently as I saw an RC plane and thought I'd better give that a go too! Anyhow, these days all the electric motors in RC planes seem to be brushless. Is that something that we'll see with Slot Cars in the future? Are there any already?

Obviously they are more efficient and probably more reliable and have less wear, surely that'd be a good thing?

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I use then in planes and helicopters. Yes you would get more power for the weight but as has already bee said in some areas, bigger powers does not mean more speed on every car particularly on twisty tracks. By the time you add the weight of the electronics to generate the 3 phase power you would need expensive indoor aircraft speed controller which are expensive to buy. You would end up with the F1 effect where power limiting is required, in just to make the track useable. There would be some gain for low maintainace but that may be the only real gain but then how mutch. On my scaley cars the drive train causes more issues than the motor. As an example I have a Fle bay motor that weighs 19 gram and produces a peak power (stated not measured) of 190 watts! Enough to allow the aiecrafts with a 100 gram pack to fly at 40 or 50 mph and accelerate vertically. Clearly way too much power for slay cars.
I have used brushless in RC aircraft and the gains are huge, Higher power in a lighter package and more efficient.

So what about slot cars? Well my current slotcars with standard tyres we use produce more power than can be used so no gain. Brushed are less efficient but that is not a big issue as there is little to be gained by efficency as you are not carrying the power supply and only idiots or stange folk would use absolute power used for fuel based simulations.

Lower vibration possibly yes, but is vibration a problem with brushed, I am aware of no problem that needs to be fixed.

For some models a smaller package may have some advantages but it needs another board for 3 phase motors and they are so far generally not that small so the gain may not be that great.

Lighter weight may not be much of an advantagew as you need weight anyway to get the best, marginal improvement in weight distribution may be an advantage but proably minimal.

Given minimal cost for brushed motors reliability seems not that great a problem.

Given that there seems littlke real gain in going brushless other than for the fun of it. Like 4WD its great fun but not really any great gains to be had.
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