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Brushless Slot cars

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Hi All,

I have been looking into other hobbies recently as I saw an RC plane and thought I'd better give that a go too! Anyhow, these days all the electric motors in RC planes seem to be brushless. Is that something that we'll see with Slot Cars in the future? Are there any already?

Obviously they are more efficient and probably more reliable and have less wear, surely that'd be a good thing?

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It'd be pretty mental, my basic brushless 2wd buggy is quicker than the (very) highly modded 2wd buggies i used to get hammered by in the late 80s. Using full throttle is an exercise in terror as the buggy turns itself from a "car" into an un-guided missile.

I can only imagine what would happen with a brushless motor in a slot car............ even a stock motor will spin the wheels and have the back end fishtailing.

(unless you can get teeny tiny little brushless motors....... then the power/weight might be a bit more reasonable, but still, plenty of electronics to fit.)
Yes, thats the big advantage with the brushless RC buggies, efficiency, my old car (top speed around 40kph) had a run time of around 8-10 minutes, course/gearing dependant.

The new car, using a brushless motor and a 30% smaller capacity battery will hit over 50kph, out accelerate the old car (hugely) and gets a run time of around 20 minutes.

Plus the battery, whilst its the same size, is about half the weight, possibly less. The speed controller is a bit more spendy tho........
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