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Hi there Frank...
Great job on the Bugatti type59, its coming along well....The Bugatti type59 is also a big favourite of mine..

Just in case you had missed a Posting here on Slotforum a few months back, showing the car, I have posted some photos of my race version, which I built for the Brooklands meeting last year.
I thought it might be of intrest to you, as the body is also based on the Matchbox plastic kit..

The Chassis is one of my Brass scratchbuilds, motor is a 30,000 Scaleauto, gears/axles are Slot-It, wheels are Penelope Pitlane, using PP wire inserts, 3 deep, to try and achieve that "Diamond" multi spoke effect.
I do have another Matchbox Type59 kit on the "To Do" list for conversion. I am going to build it as a road going version, with fenders/wings, lights, etc, like yours..

Good luck with the rest of your conversion, looking forward to seeing the finished car....

All the best.. Martin De'Ath.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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