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Allan Wakefield
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First a quick quiz...

Who said this, why and when?

QUOTE I'm so excited that we have reached it. All the half year effort of the whole team has finally paid off. Practically nobody knew what will happen, but finally we succeeded. It is one of my best adventures forever. It is really fascinating to drive 300 km/h with the 5 tones vehicle.

(Answer given at the end of the post.)

Ok, European Super Truck Racing -

- exciting, manic, expensive and fun to watch. BUT - take the series into Fly GB Track 1/32 scale and onto our slot tracks and the experience lessens somewhat due to the work required to get these monsters running well.

until very recently we had a choice of three trucks in various liveries and with various detail changes along the way...




On the European Slot Scene these tend to be reworked to run on Aluminium rims (by Companies such as SSH and NSR)with upgraded tyres (by the likes of Ortmann and NSR), guide (Slot.It) and selectively added weight to balance the European preference for no mag racing.
Still the series is not as popular as GT, DTM and the like, maybe because they ARE a handful to race and not easy to get used to so the likelihood of them being picked up on the spur of the moment for a race is slim.

But then came the long promised but (until now) never delivered fourth Truck, the Buggyra...

Storming onto the real racing scene back in 2002, you can learn the History of the Team and follow the success Here at

A stunning looker and simply oozing detail, it is one of the most funky and radical looking of the range but does it perform?

Have a few closer looks at the work put into this release by Fly GB Track...

Great detailing, different grilles, perfect paint and tampo work, the bar definitely got raised at Fly and their counterparts recently...

The two side sections, comprising the wheel arches and centre panels, are a good push fit onto the body frame and detach in a hard crash - How do I know? It took a dive off Suzuka onto the concrete floor on the third test lap
Not a scratch once I figured out the truck wasn't destroyed, only suffering unclipped side fairings - A nice touch...

So real looking you expect it to roar into life. I shudder to think of the detailing we would see if Fly explored the 1/24 scale world of slots...

Standard layout for the chassis, long, slim and fitting onto the main truck bodywork. Magnet and drive layout remain the same as for the other trucks...

Note the three screws holding the Cab to the body, removing these gives access to the cockpit which is simply clipped into place...

Not often seen but still there for the really nosey...

Amazing detailing that effectively adds to the overall effect and once again there is the new multi piece Fly Driver in the hot seat.
So, it looks sweet, but how does it compare to it's older siblings?

Time issues and the fact that I have not got much relevant info to compare it with, I wont give you lap times for all trucks or a complete break down of data.
I will simply say that box standard, with magnet (all the above trucks are untouched and unworked on apart from disassembly for photos) it walks all over the previous three.
In a 10 laps crash and burn race on Suzuka (4 lane Carrera track for those not aware of this track) it was turning lap times of more than 2 seconds faster against ALL the other three on every lane.

It simply flies! (excuse the pun)

Balanced, faster on both the straight and certainly in the corners and predictable within minutes in a way you can only dream of with the earlier trucks, I can only put this down to its apparent lower C of G ( it IS lower to the track by a fair few millimeters).
Sadly this leaves us having to work out how to get the others working as well yet again, it is a shame they don't all run this well.

I am not often so impressed with Fly or Fly GB Track offerings, at least not without SOME reservations or complaints but this one happily leaves me stumped for negatives - unless you DON'T like Truck racing!!

Oh! and the answer to the initial question can be found HERE at the Buggyra World Speed Record Attempt- fun reading what some nutters get up to ehh?

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Thanks, Swiss, a great report. I am looking forward to this one. I have a Merc and a Sisu, which are great fun. I have only shimmed the guide down a bit and removed the magnet, and they run quite well. Once you get used to the massive inertia, that is. They slide quite well, but could use double wide borders! Do you have any idea how long we will have to wait for the Cat?

Allan Wakefield
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The wait for the 'cat' - hmm - hpow long is a piece of string when Fly are involved mate.

Hold on in there I am sure it WILL arrive one day.

Which reminds me - How do you tell if your girlfriend is well bred??

She will shout ' Oh God! I am arriving!' and not..... sorry I digress.........

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And poor old Santa only 'arrives' once a year.....

I'm digressing and I haven't even got to the point yet! Which is to say 'great mini review Swiss!'

I'm a big fan of the Fly trucks and I really want one of these Bug-thingies, it looks awesome. (Bit late for Christmas but my birthday's at the end of January, so you never know!)

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