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I keep thinking about this as I have a bike of considerable size already motored up, so a little wire and a guide and should be there, just how I go about it?hmm
I've had 1 or 2 ideas but they aint great and I have to sort out my race cars too, my vectra is ill however my no mag cars run well and ninco F1 is sh****d (broken)again! I hate F1

Inte I will have to wash your mouth out . Naughty boy

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This is how to do the guide ,3 holes in the fairing a bit of brazing rod for a guide pin re route the wire from the battery pack add a button mag and were done

goes ok but wont go under my bridge .

The motor is a 1.5 volt so Ive had to put a 25 ohm resistor in series to stop it burning out for a while , But at 99p who cares.
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