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Hi Guys (& gals if any)

I am from Cape Town, South Africa and have decided to start a small business with a Slot car hire track/s.
My aim is to produce a high quality 6 lane routed wood track (similar to permanent set-ups in clubs) that would be portable and easily assembled/dismantled.

Now I have never done this before but am reasonably skilled in wood work/computers/electrics. My involvement with slotcars was from being a member of Ecurie Slot car Club in Durban, SA a few years back and I absolutely fell in love with slot cars.

I will keep updating this post as I work on the track and would welcome some advise / caution along the way.
I already have some obstacles to ponder out such as timing system and track lighting & sound.

1. I want to DIY build the timing system hardware as much as possible but can't seem to find any info on this anywhere.

2. I want to build a sound system into the track somehow so that the sound is loudest to those around the track. any ideas?

3. I don't want to paint colour stripes for the lanes but thought it would be really cool if the slot itself could be "illuminated" with the lane colour. Led's are my 1st thoughts but obviously need to experiment with how it will work.

Cheers for now, but hope to have a lively thread over the next 2 months while this build happens.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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