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Building a track for one night's race, 6 car digital

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Will keep this short and make it picture heavy.

You run a small non-profit club from home for the love of 6 car digital with fuel strategy

You race every 3 weeks or so and your old friends and new friends come to club, we have beers and have a laugh racing, shouting, swearing and laughter. Every 3 weeks or so.

- Then you meet a lady, you fall in love

- She moves in, make the house more homely

- It's not a bachelor pad anymore, permanent slot car track is gone

- Then comes the baby

Digital Slot Car Club suffers BUT not finished

Now because I have a child, a new job and a wife, slot car suffers. (this not a complaint, i'm happy, but something's missing)

I have little time to prepare a track in the middle of the living room, so having 2 pieces of already prepared track helps a little but not enough. Still took ages to prepare.

Enough talking, here are the photos.

The living room
The baskets on the left hold most of my Scalextric track, small cheap laptop, powerbase but none of the cars

permanent pitstop piece on wood

Other permanent piece nailed onto wood

track ready, finally ... i think it took 7-9 hours for such a simple track

Race night - Deceptive photo, we had 12 racers in all... some damage, some conductivity problems. Only on power tap. There will be 3 powertaps next time. I can't stand poor conductivity. Did get the white spirit and Inox out. Good night, hopefully we shall race once a month after Xmas, but I'm not counting on it, babies, work and woman are priority. Many slot people say it gets easier.
Let's hope so.
Thanks for reading...
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It's one of those odd names that stick in mind for reasons unknown. From memory it came from a comic strip that used to be in one of the major papers here that was all around the thoughts of a baby in its mother's womb. The strip ran for a year or two and eventually ended with the baby being born and named Norbett. Since then it's been a name that I use when I need to give something a name. Funny thing is a few years ago when I moved from city to country life I got a job helping set up a tourism event for the local council. The manager of the project was a lovely older gent who became somewhat of a mentor. It wasn't until he died suddenly that I discovered his middle name was Norbett.

Does Zara Moon get nicknamed Unit?

Anyway... Enough side tracking with unusual names. Back to the important point of this thread. The pole.

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Just for you Embs honest guys there is nothing interesting for you on this video

Great looking layout Chip.

I USED to have hair like yours. Then the top fell off

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there's a motorsport joke in there about Pole Position. Does the quickest qualifier have to have a turn on the pole whilst Girls, Girls, Girls blasts out???
Falling in love is hard on the knees - especially when you're a rug racer!
I think I can be confident in asserting that if I'd practiced as much as she obviously has, I'd be better at that than she is
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21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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