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Building another type of MagRacing cars

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From the very beginning of MagRacing I have been interested in that kind of evolution.
There are one good tread aboyt replacing electronics in another tread so lets keep that clean and concentrate ned Car Building here.

Today I get a Buggy RC controlled and the paper says scale 1:64
Look at the comparison with one of my MagRacing cars 1:32!!

There are one very small electric motor to do the left and right signals.
Can bee completed with a magnet for wire follow.

There are a electric card as a reciver for the radio and a rechargiable battery, 3,7 Volt and 100 mAh says 200 mAh in the paper ;-)
Its also a clever gearbox with that tiny motor. and the speed its very good.
The tyres is replaceable and of soft foam type.

I think the hole concept is worth looking at if you want too build your own MagRacing cars. Many innovations in my mind.

I also have some 1:24 cars RC coming home for investigation and maybe rebuild.

I like the size of 1:24 and was very intresteded too carry on with that untill the Ghost come up!
Now it have to bee MagRacing if nothing!

Moore coming, TBA to beee shure!
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Also I think its obvious now that theres nothing "off the shelf" in regards to the car electronics including lapcountig hardware. And size is an issue.
I sent Wes a few emails wth only only mild response so probably something the community might have to do.

I've been wondering if Fitting the steering from a MagCar to a slot car would be workable.
This way you can have your favourite car/s in magracing form.

I have a few slot cars with the the guide pivot snapped off, so they would make perfect test cars for mag conversion.
Some slot cars have sterring connected to the guide like some SCX F1s. These would be a good place to start.
Yes, it works, and SCX have a nice Volvo with steering at the frontwheel.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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