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As someone who ships to different countries from time to time, you may want to hear our side...

Here at Slot Car Corner, we ship products to international customers often. We used to cater to those who would ask that we ship at lower costs. This meant there's no tracking...
We would ask for confirmation via email that they knew the risk before we would ship. This worked ok for awhile, until someone claimed he didn't get his package. We reminded him of the deal, but instead, he threatened to take it up with PayPal. We spoke with PayPal, and PayPal said they would back the buyer because we shipped without any tracking, even though we had an email proving he knew the risk. Thus, we had no choice but to refund his money and instead of the buyer losing out (even though he knew the risk), we lost out the money AND the products we shipped.

We hate that our international customers get charged so much for shipping with tracking. But after getting burned, we just can't do it any other way. We need to protect ourselves.

As for marking the value of the products at a lower costs, we "got caught" there as well. You see, the Custom's agents have computers with internet connections as well, and they can visit the same internet store you bought from. It's very easy for them to open a package, look at the product, and look it up online. We have been warned. So please, think about what you are asking from someone when you ask that they place a lower value on your package. He's the one who's going to be "reprimanded", not you.

So if a dealer from another country won't drop the value or ship without tracking, I hope you can understand why.

As for paying the customs charges, you really should be blaming your postal service, not those shipping products to you...
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