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As pressbutton says.
The £18 limit includes any postage you pay, so a £17.99 car might seem a steal until postage is added on. That's if it gets noticed coming into the U.K.
Might be worth checking how the supplier ships, I've yet to be charged by Royal Mail, but couriers like DHL will charge you the V.A.T. and 2% or £10 (whichever is the greater) for use of their deferment account to clear goods through customs. This will most likely turn a few days later in the form of an invoice demanding payment.

I think I remember reading somewhere that HMRC's personal import limit for which you'll have to pay V.A.T. on is going down to £14 in November.

Excise duty has a limit of £135, over that and you'll also pay duty regardless of what the goods are.
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