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I have some BWA chassis kits and motors I'm offering for sale. The kits (3 in all) are Al's slimline setup...front bracket, rear bracket, bushings, 2- 3/32 axles, guide flag and collar, and piano wire. Also 5 of the BWA NC-1 equivalent motors with extended armature shaft in both directions (these are the C can style motor, not slimline). Also have 2 slimline motors and pinions that run around 20krpm. Everything is new and unused. Note: the BWA motors are a handy way of fitting NC-1 power into PCS32 chassis that want the endbell on the opposite of NC-1.

each BWA chassis kit - $25
each BWA NC-1 style motor - $10
each slimline 20k with pinion - $8

Please ask if any questions...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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