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C2976 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 LE, Upgrades??

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Hi all

I have just started getting into scalextrics again, i had one as a kid and loved it my dad made it me, it had the works!

now i have moved into my own house i have spent the last few weeks boarding the loft out and putting electrics up there,

i have managed to get hold of over 130 pieces of track to lay in the loft, (from tomorrow My birthday)

Now i have been bought this car for my birthday, i havent tried it yet so i dunno how it handles or how fast it is, but just for future knowledge what could i do to it to make it better.

i have lots of questions about my track lol but i shall be good and not ask them all at once.

thank you

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i wouldnt even bother upgrading it they are fast with out any upgrades i race a mustang in out american mussel class and i beat the scalextric camaro's which virtualy every1 has and other more stable cars around our woodden track. with you running on a plastic track it'll go like a treat and will be fast. do you no that the car you have got is a limited edition 1 only 1500 were made of them.
Yeah its a chrome tag one
not sure what number it is i havent took it out the box. Ill be using my other cars till i get used to the track lol i think i will cry if i damage it!
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Ok im confused it clearly says on the box working rear lights....well there isnt any nore is there wireing inside the car?

Have i got one they missed?
Oh and just read even more of the bacm of the box

4x4 - nope dont have that when it says it should
Xenon effect head lights - nope there yellow....
Working siren and roof light - cant see it
Digital chip installed - nope not that either

Am i reading the back wrong?


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Hi simon

the discriptions on the back just explain what the symbols mean. look on the front of the box for your specifications. it will say next to the car name.
Thanks mate, ill fit them myself
cant have front and not back
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QUOTE (simon_wright91 @ 20 May 2011, 21:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It doesnt say anything on the box

Next to the name!

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WOW WOW WOW!! i have just installed rear lights and the car looks 100x better!
Hi Simon,
The best performance mod you can do for that Mustang is to dump the Scalextric controller

(But looks good with those rear lights
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Those mustangs are fast and great handling cars. It looks cool with the lights
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