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Hello All,

This is my first post and I hope it is in the right forum? I am somewhat new to this but I have learned quite a bit, many thanks to all of you.

I have a Scalextric digital 6 car PB (C7042) and I am having two issues that I am not sure if they are related or not.

One of my power power supplies (C7033) does not power up the 6 car PB (C7042) when plugged in. If I remember correctly I believe it was the C7033 that I bought as my 2nd PS to give both lanes power as advised by Scalextric. I noticed my other power supply is a "Switiching mode PB" (cat no. P9303w), what is this? Did I make an error in purchasing this one or was it the PS that came with my original digital set a few years ago? To recap the C7033 seems to not be working as it will not power up the PB on its own. Only when the "Switching mode PS is pulgged in does the PB (C7042) function. Do these C7033 power supplies go bad typically? It worked on its own a few weeks back when testing it but now appears to be non functional.

My second issue is (possibly related?) on a small section of track (approx. 5ft) one lane is noticably slower than the other lane. The track connectors have been checked and the track has been cleaned with extra attention to this area and lane.

Thank you very much for the help in advance.

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