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Sounds like a dodgy APB.

One question - did you remove the old powerbase from the track? Even if they are not powered up I believe you can have major issues and cause damage if you have more than one powerbase on your track.

I am assuming you are running the APB in digital mode? I am also assuming the same car in the same lane has problems powered from one socket but not from the other socket? If the problem is same car in same lane and you are running analogue you probably have a curved lane changer that is leaking power across lanes. You need a power supply for each lane to run 2 lanes in analogue mode.

If you are in digital mode...

You could start from scratch - APB in a simple oval - no lane changers. See if you have problems. Try one car and run it on each lane with a single power supply in one socket then the other (4 tests in total). If you have issues with one socket and not the other I would return the APB.

If this works OK then your problem lies with something else on your track. Add a few pieces at a time to see what causes the problem.
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