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C7042 Part 1 - "Basic Mode"

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I've done my first video in a planned series of instructional videos on the new powerbase C7042. The first one is a simple "getting started" type video for when people just get their new base out of the box. It covers the default Basic mode, including pre-race mode, programming cars, F1 (lap limited) and Endurance (time limited) races. Future videos will cover things like pacer cars, yellow flag, analog mode, and more. Feel free to make requests of what should be covered in a future video. I appreciate all constructive feedback.

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Is that done by PB-Pro or by software on a PC?
Can you shoot an old PB6 not a PBPro with a shot-gun. I'd like to see that.
QUOTE (MrFlippant @ 14 Aug 2010, 07:07) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Birth year, 1971, and proud of it.

I always thought that was a good year for births, only the best were born that year.

This picture from here made me think of an idea. How about gears, push the brake button and if the trigger is being released, then it down gears(power level stepped down) press it while trigger is being pressed in and the gears do up.
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"turd" he he he

QUOTE (RikoRocket @ 14 Aug 2010, 12:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>So what stops you from being in top gear all the time so you have max speed? Unless you have no brakes in top gear some in mid gear and loads in bottom gear?

How about you can't change gears up unless you have the throttle at full, and same for going down.

1st gear, allows 0 to 50% power with the throttle
2nd gear, allows 50% to 75% with the throttle eg let go of trigger and you will continue to travel
3rd 75-87
4th 87-100

or somthing like that.

so you have to go up and down gears to get around corners and go fast on straights. I'm guessing it would need to be a large track.
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QUOTE (RichG @ 14 Aug 2010, 22:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sounds aweful to me...
I guess I've still got the scale version of Monza topic in my mind. Need something to do on those long straights.
Yes, but speed isn't everything, some like it slower with more thought involved. Anyhow, I've decided I'd like to withdraw my request so you guys can focus on better improvements than this one.
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