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C7042 Part 1 - "Basic Mode"

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I've done my first video in a planned series of instructional videos on the new powerbase C7042. The first one is a simple "getting started" type video for when people just get their new base out of the box. It covers the default Basic mode, including pre-race mode, programming cars, F1 (lap limited) and Endurance (time limited) races. Future videos will cover things like pacer cars, yellow flag, analog mode, and more. Feel free to make requests of what should be covered in a future video. I appreciate all constructive feedback.

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Really enjoyed your video sir! Looking forward to the "pro" vids... especially pace cars. It looks to me from my experimenting that you can't really have a pace car be a true participant in a race. They are there putting up lap times, but are otherwise irrelevant.
My main gripe about it is I feel I should be able to set pace car fixed speed, then set up a race, set them on the starting line and have them sit there until the race count down is finished. As soon as I set a pace car down, it starts moving. It doesn't get a start "fault" for doing that. Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong in order to have them participate by the current race rules better. Anyway, the pace car video is what I'm looking forward to.
QUOTE (raikkonen_webber fan @ 25 Aug 2010, 03:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>its a great video so hurry up getting more up please!

I concur... more vids!
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1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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