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C7042 Part 1 - "Basic Mode"

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I've done my first video in a planned series of instructional videos on the new powerbase C7042. The first one is a simple "getting started" type video for when people just get their new base out of the box. It covers the default Basic mode, including pre-race mode, programming cars, F1 (lap limited) and Endurance (time limited) races. Future videos will cover things like pacer cars, yellow flag, analog mode, and more. Feel free to make requests of what should be covered in a future video. I appreciate all constructive feedback.

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Better start a new thread to compile a list...

Great video. Good to see the software is still at build 00084 as that is the one that we have all been messing with. Maybe it wasn't the best ideaa to show a CLC in the circuit, OK for digital but maybe you can cover this in a later video when you go onto analog. Brilliant idea to do a video though Mr F and interesting to see you are not as young as your picture!
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So what stops you from being in top gear all the time so you have max speed? Unless you have no brakes in top gear some in mid gear and loads in bottom gear?

Nice example of anti-collision from way back when on the chicane I see. Injectormans holy grail but 30 years ago!
I guess if you slow everything down so that you were doing realistic laptimes - like 1min 30sec then you would haave the time to do downshifts etc. It would be a snail's pace though. compiled a C7042 instructional threads list and had it pinned - I'll add your new ones as they are released
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