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C7042 Part 1 - "Basic Mode"

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I've done my first video in a planned series of instructional videos on the new powerbase C7042. The first one is a simple "getting started" type video for when people just get their new base out of the box. It covers the default Basic mode, including pre-race mode, programming cars, F1 (lap limited) and Endurance (time limited) races. Future videos will cover things like pacer cars, yellow flag, analog mode, and more. Feel free to make requests of what should be covered in a future video. I appreciate all constructive feedback.

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QUOTE (RichG @ 14 Aug 2010, 22:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sounds aweful to me...
I guess I've still got the scale version of Monza topic in my mind. Need something to do on those long straights.
I guess if you slow everything down so that you were doing realistic laptimes - like 1min 30sec then you would haave the time to do downshifts etc. It would be a snail's pace though.
Yes, but speed isn't everything, some like it slower with more thought involved. Anyhow, I've decided I'd like to withdraw my request so you guys can focus on better improvements than this one.
i cant wait to get my powerbase (might get one inported before its released in ausy)
its a great video so hurry up getting more up please!
QUOTE (raikkonen_webber fan @ 25 Aug 2010, 03:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>its a great video so hurry up getting more up please!

I concur... more vids!
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Yes, yes, I'll be working on a new one soon. I've been really busy with other things the last couple weeks, but should have some time after tonight. I'll probably film several in quick succession. Here are my current plans, in no particular order:
- Pace Cars (setting up, and using them in a race)
- Analog mode (toggling it, setting lane and direction, use of lane changers in the layout)
- Yellow Flag mode (setup, use of pace cars with Yellow Flag, minimum lap time)

Any other ideas or requests?
I do need to return the powerbase to its owner soon, so I need to film everything in my available time, and then edit them one at a time. If I don't get all ideas in now, it might be a while before I can film other tutorials. compiled a C7042 instructional threads list and had it pinned - I'll add your new ones as they are released
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I saw that my video was in there. I'm honored and thankful for the link.
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QUOTE (MrFlippant @ 25 Aug 2010, 13:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Any other ideas or requests?
No, that sounds great!!
Admired your work when it first came out, but now I'm using it for real it really comes into it's own. Got my PB today and first use of your video is to confirm that there really is no "on" switch.
It goes against the grain just to push power leads in and pull them out to turn something on and off! Good robust engineering "suitable for all ages" on Scalextric's part I guess.

QUOTE (MrFlippant @ 13 Aug 2010, 19:07) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Birth year, 1971, and proud of it.
And talking of "suitable for all ages" - 1965 and usually pretty quiet about it!
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Very useful vid Mr F, thank you. Just unwrapped my C7042 and the manual was a little bit too "Ikea assembly instruction" for this hungover head. Ready to race a lot sooner, thanks to you.

**EDIT** Just noticed all the ageist back-banter in the thread, guess I'd better keep schtum about having lived for exactly one month in the 1950's !!!
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