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C7042 Powerbase

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I bought a C7042 power base for my analog track. Since I'm on a limited budget I bought two 15v 1.2 amp powersupplies, instead of the recommended (and pricey) 4 amp, since I'll never be running more than two analog cars. Since the connectors weren't compatible I hard-wired them to the underside of the circuitboard, right where the jacks are soldered. I know polarity is correct, and I am able to switch lanes and reverse direction through the menu. When I unplug either powersupply nothing changes, but when they are both plugged in the display continues to recognize only one powersupply. How does the system recognize the second powersupply? Is it by the additional load? If that is the case maybe adding a resistor will work. One of the 1.2 amp powersupplies measures about 5.5 megohms. I contacted the folks at Hornby and they could only advise I use the recommended powersupplies, and they referred me to this forum. I hope someone can help me without any additional expenditures, as my wife may kill me! Thanks.
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Problem solved! What I really needed most was the connector size, which the ebay sight provided. If I had that at first I would have put them on the power supplies. Here in the eastern USA that size is very rare. Most are 2.5mm. Thanks for the help.
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