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C7042 Reliability

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My buddy and I are in the market for two C7042s. We live in Australia, the land of "lets rip you off for anything imported."
-To get an aussie supplied C7042 is about $220AUD shipped.
-To get a C7042 + pit lane track change from is about $230AUD shipped (if we split shipping in half between two of us, thanks to flat rate shipping!).
The only danger with this is that we will be stuffed if it fails (shipping back would be $40 or so i'd guess!).

Are the 7042s reliable enough now that it's not really a risk, or are they still dying left right and center like the old 7030s did?
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The C7042 hardware is rock solid. You won't be burning it out very easily like the original C7030's would. The software has already been updated by Scalextric once, and Andy Wallace twice (still waiting on the release of the next revision which has support for the new MIH INCar-Pro car chip firmware upgrade).

I say, get one and enjoy it. Order a cable for it as well (cable info available on SSDC web site at so you can try out SSDC and update the C7042 firmware to APB-Pro v1.4 for all the extra features and lap counting reliability.

No need to hem and haw about it. Just order it.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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