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C7042 Reliability

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My buddy and I are in the market for two C7042s. We live in Australia, the land of "lets rip you off for anything imported."
-To get an aussie supplied C7042 is about $220AUD shipped.
-To get a C7042 + pit lane track change from is about $230AUD shipped (if we split shipping in half between two of us, thanks to flat rate shipping!).
The only danger with this is that we will be stuffed if it fails (shipping back would be $40 or so i'd guess!).

Are the 7042s reliable enough now that it's not really a risk, or are they still dying left right and center like the old 7030s did?
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Picked up mine(well,had it delivered anyway) about 4 weeks ago now from the UK and saved approx $70AU. I just couldn't justify spending $220+ here in Western Australia when I could get it online from the US or the UK. Decided that the money would better be spent on LC's, controllers , chips and more importantly used the extra savings from the APB towards the 2 HUGELY OVERPRICED transformers. So far I've had a blast with the new APB and have picked up on how to use it rather quickly thanks to all the information provided here on the forum(Thanks for the videos Mr Flippant).As far as having to ship it back if there ever was a problem with it I'd say that the money you saved by getting it from overseas would pay for shipping twice over. Just think that the cost of the PSU's here in West Oz are $100+ and around $89 anywhere else in Oz and if you save a few hundred dollars by getting all your digital goodies from overseas than why not buy the APB from overseas. I now purchase just about everthing to do with slots from overseas because as you know we get slugged big time here in Oz . Plenty of savings to be had from the overseas slot shops compared to Oz and a hell of a lot more suppliers.Import for sure.
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