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This is a total noob question. I just got around to upgrading my C7042 to the SSDC 1.06 firmware and noticed the new beep option.

I am planning on using the C7042 with the LCD display some of the time (easier for the kids to use), and, probably uncharacteristically, I do like the beep on crossing the start/finish line. However, it seems like the beep:
- Is off by default with the new firmware
- Can be set to on
- But that setting does not seem to survive a power cycle (which I do often given it's used by kids).

Is there any way to either set the beep on by default (the way it was in the original firmware) or make the setting permanent through power cycle? Of course, I'd like to keep the latest firmware, if anything for the reliability enhancements.

(I did search through the forum, but I didn't find any mention of this except for the feature list of the new firmware).

Thanks in advance.


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every one complained on it's release of the annoying beep so it was omitted when firmware was updated for more reliable lap counting.

Modified pit lane game into pitpro is the same the beep has been silenced.
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