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That looks great, Dave. I've always thought of the Hong Kong cars as among the (many) Ugly Sisters in the Scalex family, but maybe they're Cinderellas. You've dressed and groomed that one fit for the ball.
There have been a couple of good Offy revamps on the forum too.
My GT40 had been sitting in a shop for years when I bought it and the decals were already beginning to lift. The nose didn't match what had become the classic shape, and the roadholding didn't match the motor, so it wasn't a favourite.
The decals lifted on both my Offys too. They certainly came to have Cinderella's shabby clothes. Even in the pictures in the Scalex "50 Years" book (p30-31), the decals on the f/e Offy and the GT40 look less than perfect.
Rob J
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