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So I am about to buy the following pieces, can some calculate tracklenght for two lane setup? I might even get away with 4 lane with tight corners with the R1's and 241.37's?

Trackpiece Numbers

1 powerbase analog
Ninco 241.37 48
Ninco 241.37 half 2
Ninco R1 inner 48
Ninco R1 inner half 2
Ninco R2 8
Ninco R3 4
Ninco R4 8
Straights 26
Half straights 24

Total 170 pieces.


Plan for this is two lane digital or 4 lane digital, I need to get more straights, half straights, R2's, R3's, R4's in future.

Feel free to make a design with these pieces if you have spare time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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