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I would like to post SMSRC's GT3 Round but I can't find it!
Can someone point the way please?

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I think you will find the calendar has gone for good as one of the "improvements" under the new owners.

If you want to publicise the meeting to encourage more entries you can post a new thread in the events section.
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I've seen a couple of threads like this now, so I have come up with a temporary solution until the "improvements" happen. (if at all)

I have created a public iCalender for Slot Car Events, this can be viewed below;

Visible either on the website:

Direct via the web here: Event Calender

Or, it can be added to your own Calendar application (Outlook, Google Calendar etc) and synced to any device by importing the following iCal link :[email protected]/public/basic.ics

(Alternatively, by also clicking on the "+Google Calendar" button if viewing it on the web)

If you would like events added, can either PM me or add the details to the thread below.
  • Name of Event
  • Dates and Times
  • Location or Address
  • Any other Details

If any one is the organiser of re-occurring events, the National GT3 for instance, give me a PM and I can add you as an Admin of the Calendar and you will be able to manage the events yourself.

Hope this help!

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A discussion was started asking for the calendar to be brought back. And last week it did appear on the forum listings, but the link didn't work. No idea where it's gone now.
But for sure it was an important feature, allowed organisers to plan events so they didn't clash with others. Definitely needs to be brought back.
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