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Hi every racers,

A couple of weeks ago, watching my."track" on the flor (
), I was thinking about the input-power, not very beautiful. So, I create, using Scalex paper-control Tower (not very beautiful two) and wodd sturture a little Building, a sort of ACO race organisation. You can discover this after....

And now, near the track, and you can see where is the input-power (follow the arrow.....)

Of course, the "lanscaping" IS not very good, I agree. But, let's have a drink in the Tiger Bar (made of wood and printed paper from Faller....)

But after the pleasure, let's go to race.......

One Box is empty, I'm waiting for the.............Gulf Porsche 917 n°20, my car

Good night.......

Mike Delanney

PS : in case of problems with the pics, go to the gallery at the adress following.
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Hi Mike

I managed to view your photos by copying the url directly into the address bar on explorer but they don't appear otherwise. Maybe your picture host doesn't allow direct linking to web pages?

I think you've done a great job on those buildings
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Mike, another option is to sign up for SlotForum Plus+ membership. That way you get your own gallery space on the forum where you can store your pictures.

Details here:

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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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