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Hi Stuart - welcome to SlotForum and thanks for the email.

To make the bridge support on my latest circuit, I slid a piece of 6mm plywood under (what would become) the raised section of track.

I then drew around this so that I had the track shape marked on the plywood and cut it out using a jig-saw.

I then placed this track underlay back under the track and got just about any old thing to prop it up until the gradients seemed about right.

At this stage you need to drive the circuit to make sure everything flows nicely.

When you are happy with everything, you need to replace the temporary supports with something permanent. For this I just cut some lengths of approx. 50mm x 25mm wood (anything similar is fine) to size and replaced the temporary supports with these. When it seems OK put a blob of PVA glue both ends of each support in turn and glue them between the baseboard and ply track underlay. Leave this to set overnight.

Drive the track again and if you have any weak bendy spots or bad cambers put in more blocks until its solid and drives right.

After that it's pretty well up to you - there are literaly dozens of techniques for making scenery and I really can't give you a full answer here. However, if you follow Tropi's advice and look around SlotForum you'll find a good many of these techniques already described right here.

War Gaming and Model Railway mags are a useful resource also.

Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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