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Can Carrera Go 1/43 cars on SCX 1/43 scale track?

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Can you run Carrera Go 1/43 cars on SCX 1/43 scale track?

Bought a SCX track set for my kids last Christmas and now one of the included cars won't run. I've tried to fix it but no success.

Looking for SCX replacement cars I don't see a lot of great options. Toys R Us has some NASCAR for roughly $50 each! Too much for my blood.

I see various Carrera Go cars that look like fun but don't know if they will run on the SCX track or if something might get damaged if we do so.

Any guidance is appreciated.
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you can run Go!cars on SCX track without any problem, only the Go! car will be a little slower than on Go!track.

Go! is 14.8V
SCX is 12V

whick car doesn´t run? did you try contacting Brian Young from SCX Worldwide?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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