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Hi all

I have recently bought a Slot.IT SCP3 Controller for use with my ARC Air Power Base (PB), but I would like to run the SCP3 using native Oxgien firmware and not ARC Air/Pro Firmware for added features such as braking

I have read that it is possible to upgrade the ARC Air/Pro PB Firmware to use Oxigen, but I cannot find the firmware on the Slot.IT website for the Air Air PB.

The Slot.IT Oxigen ARC Pro PB Firmware is available to download.

Can the Slot.IT Oxigen ARC Pro PB Firmware be also used on a ARC Air?

Kind regards


· Greg Gaub
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No. There is no firmware for the power base, ARC or otherwise, that allows oXigen control. If you want full oXigen features that the controller provides, you will need to install an oXigen capable chip into your car. The Type C is probably the best option, along with the special DPR hatch that goes with it.

If you try to flash any firmware to the ARC base, other than that provided by Scalextric specifically for that base (e.g. don't install ARC One firmware into the ARC Air!), you are likely to end up with a non functioning power base.

You can convert your ARC Air/Pro controller to one capable of controlling an oXigen chipped car, if you want.
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